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There's a crowd outside the door
people waiting to get in
The sign out front says work for hire
Laid off from my last job
due to poor economy
and the factory before that
was shipped off overseas

And I'm down to my last dollar
my life savings dry
and my kids are sick
and I don't have a medical plan
and the bills are piling higher
every single day
I'm one step away
from being a homeless man

I read in the paper where the President did say
the economy is picking up
and things are turning around
obviously he doesn't see
my friends and me and our families
shut out of the factories in our own home town

I've pledged allegiance a thousand times
paid my dues since I was nine
and this is all I'm getting in return
While the President of the factory
that he shipped off overseas
where all the workers speak chinese
I know, he's flush

And I just don't understand
why I'm treated in this way
in the land of the free
and the home of the brave
But I'm finally getting a clue,
no one cares about me and you
It's all about the money
until their dying day

So I fill the application out
Praying all the while
that someone will have
some paying work for me.

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